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October 11, 2019 2 min read

How to Set 'New Year Goals'

2020 has arrived and it marks the beginning of a new decade that will alter and transform your life in more way than one. It’s time to set new goals and embark on new adventures. You are laying the stepping stones that will steer the course of your life into a new decade. It’s time to set some goals and map out your objectives.







Let’s take a look at some strategies to help you map out your goals for 2020:



Plan for the Future

Investing in a planner is a great start as it will help you map out your goals, and list down the steps that will lead you to your goals. It is important to focus less on the outcome and more on how you plan on working towards your goal. Planning will help you set milestones and celebrate your achievements.

Begin by writing down all your tasks, decisions and setting timelines for each goal. You can cross off each achievement and feel satisfaction from achieving small milestones. It is important to develop discipline and set realistic goals with pragmatic planning.


Start Small

If you overwhelm yourself with overly ambitious goals and aggressive rules, you will find yourself tiring away before the year is halfway through. It is important to minimize and look at the smaller picture. Set out small goals and work towards achieving them one after the one. They key is to avoid feeling overwhelmed and developing habits.

If you want to work on sculpting your body or losing weight, focus on making small habits. Join a gym, make a healthy meal plan, and try to add in 20 minutes of exercise whenever you can. Don’t expect yourself to run a marathon in a month.


Setting Priorities

Prioritizing your goals and ambitions is important to cultivate discipline. Identifying your priorities will help you focus on goals that are pressing and urgent, and set your timelines accordingly.


Dedication and Hard Work

The only way to achieve what you seek is to get started. Put aside all your inhibitions and chase your goals with a fierce passion. Challenge yourself and fuel your motivation by celebrating small milestones and wins. Rewarding yourself with keep you motivated and encouraged, and focus on your hard work. Visualizing and focusing on the bigger picture is another strategy to summon courage and dedication, especially while making tough decisions.The key is to never give up and always stay focused on the outcomes you seek.