2022 Appointment Books

Our 2022 Appointment Books have gotten a little bit of a facelift since last year. As a brand, we are always keen on hearing constructive criticism about products, because as we always say we make products for YOU! The biggest critic of this planner was that it was too thick and that you couldn't see your week's schedule at the same time. A lot of people also said that they don't have up to 25 clients in one day and the max was 5-6, with the exception of the weekend. So, we took all this knowledge and applied it to the new design! 

Now, the Appointment Books are as thin and sleek as our planners, you can see your entire week's schedule, and you have space for up to 6 clients Mon-Thu and 9 clients Fri-Sun. We also added in a few pages for notes + thoughts. Basically, you have the same amazing features as you did before such as monthly expenses and daily income sections, shopping list tear-outs, and so much more along with all the new! The best part is we were able to lower the price (used to be $45) on these products because of the new and improved design AND we were able to produce them in our coveted Nude shade.


  • Black $40
  • Blush $40
  • Nude $40

As always our Appointment Books come in a luxury scratch proof magnetic box with foiled rose gold details. The book is from January 2022- December 2022 and features a rose gold coil. 


  • Scratch Proof Magnetic Box- foiled rose gold detailing, sturdy
  • Scratch Proof Cover- foiled rose gold detailing, custom rose gold binding
  • Double-Sided Pocket- laminated to ensure quality throughout the year
  • 2021/2022 Annual Overview- monthly breakdowns
  • 2021 Holidays- a list of all the holidays
  • Notes + Thoughts- 8 pages of lined paper 
  • Monthly Layouts- motivational quote, starts with Monday, & expense section
  • Daily Layouts- has no time stamps so you have full control of your schedule and features a column for time, client, service, phone, $, notes, and total so you can calculate your daily earnings.
  • Annual Expenses- a section to input your monthly income & expenses
  • Shopping List Tear-Outs- the only planner on the global market to offer this innovative design...write, rip, shop!


  • Appointment book 8.7 x 7.7 inch
  • Appointment book box 9.3 x 8.4 x 1.5 inch 

*new* Notes + Thoughts

Monthly Layout

*new* Weekly Layout



Annual Finances


Shopping List Tear-Outs



We are so excited to launch as soon as we receive our shipment so please bare with us as it has been a busy and difficult year importing goods for everyone globally. This year we will do pick-ups again out of our North Hollywood, CA warehouse so follow along on IG for details about that. We aren't doing pre-orders this year because a lot of people misunderstood what that meant and emailed us daily regarding their order. 

Also please note that this year we have limited quantity than last year as production was delayed and we were unable to increase our order quantity. When these Appointment Books sell out here won't be any restocks. Please make sure you are subscribed to texts as SMS subscribers are always the first to know about launches. 

Here's how to subscribe, if you haven't already:

If you have any additional questions email us at info@planchicly.com.


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