plan chicly

Chic & Functional Organizational Products

Planning confidently and executing chicly is our forté.

Planners and organizational products are NOT meant to be boring and repetitive. They are supposed to be inspiring, functional, good quality, and CHIC! That's where we come in. We are giving your desk and planning routine a much needed makeover.

plan chicly


Every single product is designed with functionality in mind. We take a simple outdated item (say a notepad) and we make it BETTER. How? We give the pages a facelift with luxurious bleed-proof paper, chicly colors, and impeccable quality you won't find anywhere else. Moral of the story; yes the aesthetic matters but not if we have to compromise how well the product functions.

plan chicly


Quality is #1 for us. This is why our customers keep coming back to replenish their paper. All of our paper products feature 100gsm paper which is thick enough to keep your ink on one page but flexible enough to rip seamlessly. We also emphasize sustainability (while maintaining quality) which is why all of our paper is sustainably sourced, recyclable, and biodegradable.

plan chicly


We want our brand to anchor a lifetime of memories for you. This is why our products (and most of their features) are designed carefully and thoughtfully to be a keepsake. It started with our 2020 Planner coming in a scratchproof and durable magnetic box and it continued with our journal pockets. Each feature holds a tangible memory you can cherish for a lifetime.

Meet the Founder

After graduating UCLA in 2014 I co-founded my first business where I united my two passions- makeup and helping women feel confident. I then started a wildly successful podcast centered around informing, inspiring, and empowering women. In the meantime, I was busy designing and perfecting my dream brand and product. It took me almost two years of research and design to finally launch our revolutionary 2020 planner. Plan Chicly was born out of a personal need for chic and functional products that inspire you to be productive.

My goal is to create sleek, luxurious, unique, and keepsake products that women can proudly display, whether they are at school or in a boardroom meeting. Remember babe, I provide the paper but YOU have the power! greta-gasparian

Greta Gasparian