5 Tips for Planning Your Work Day

5 Tips for Planning Your Work Day
1) Build Your To-Do List a Day Prior

When building my list, I usually put the most important tasks in the beginning and the least important towards the bottom of the list. Then I have one rule, do the tasks in order! Don’t skip around.

TIP: Always be realistic with your daily goals, otherwise you will feel discouraged to continue.

2) Create Morning Rituals

Every single morning some of the most successful people wake up and proactively spend time with themselves to ensure they are in a great state of mind to tackle on the day.

TIP: You have to do what’s right for YOU. Just because someone has a routine that works for them hour doesn’t mean you have to do that same exact thing. In fact there is no rule book, just do what puts you in the best mood and what you actually want to do.

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3) Make Sure Your Workstation Is Organized

Creating a filing system will be your forever friend. One of the main reasons people are unable to maintain efficiency is simply because they have a bunch of papers laying around. Building a separate folder for different projects and/or different clients will allow you to stay organized and focused. You can do the same for your laptop - keep all your files strategic and organized.

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4) Create Incentives

Create a system where you let yourself take a short break after finishing a task on your to-do list. For instance, if you finish responding to emails, give yourself a break for a few minutes to grab coffee or eat a croissant. These actions force the brain to view work in smaller bits which really helps you remain productive and proactive.

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5) Say No If Necessary

It can get difficult to say no, but if you want to be a successful person, then you must make it your specialty. I've learned that if our body is telling you no, then you know that you have to say no.

Most people want to prove that they are a nice person and that’s when their people-pleasing personality kicks in. Let me tell you something, you can still be a kind person and still say NO because you can’t say YES to everything.

As Warren Buffett once said, “You’ve gotta keep control of your time and you can’t unless you say no. You can’t let people set your agenda in life.”

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