• Scratch Proof Magnetic Box- foiled rose gold detailing, sturdy
  • Scratch Proof Cover- foiled rose gold detailing, custom rose gold binding
  • Double-Sided Pocket- laminated to ensure quality throughout the year
  • 2021/2022 Annual Overview- monthly breakdowns
  • 2021 Holidays- a list of all the holidays
  • Monthly Layouts- motivational quote, starts with Monday, & expense section
  • Daily Layouts- has no time stamps so you have full control of your schedule and features a column for time, client, service, phone, $, and notes. The bottom part of the page has a section for cash, card, tips, “other,” “other,” and total so you can calculate your daily earnings.
  • Annual Expenses- a section to input your monthly income & expenses
  • Shopping List Tear-Outs- the only planner on the global market to offer this innovative design...write, rip, shop!


  • Appointment book 8.7x8.1 inch
  • Appointment book box 9.5x8.7x2.2 inch