What date does the planner start from?

The planner starts in January and ends in December.

Does it come with a box?

Yes, it comes packaged beautifully in a scratchproof magnetic box that is durable and a keepsake.

Is the cover scratchproof as well?

Yes, it is. It can also be easily cleaned with baby wipes if it ever gets dirty. 

Are the weekly layouts vertical or horizontal?

They are horizontal with 14 lines of ample space to plan out your day. They also include an empty circle to the left of the line so that you can color code, check off, label, etc. Please look through the product images for an exact weekly layout view.

Is there a vision board inside the planner?

Yes, there are 4 pages dedicated to your vision board for the year. Two pages for your personal life and two pages for your professional life that lay flat thanks to our rose gold spiral, so you can design (and view) both pages at the same time.

Does it come with stickers?

Yes there are two pages of hand-designed stickers in every planner.

Is there a pocket inside?

Yes there is a double-sided pocket featured in the spiral when you open the planner. It is laminated to ensure durability and flexibility throughout the year.

Can you plan your goals with this planner?

Absolutely, we have an entire page dedicated to your top 3 goals for the year. We also have a monthly "At A Glance" Section where you can map out, plan, and prioritize your monthly goals.

Is there a budgeting section?

Yes, there is a budgeting section at every months "At A Glance" section.

Is there a habit tracker included?
Yes, there is a habit tracker at every 
months "At A Glance" section where you can write in your habit and bubble in the days you completed that specific habit. You can track up to 10 habits a month.

How many grocery list tear-outs come with the planner?

You get 5 sheets of tear-outs, four on each sheet. You have a total of 20 individual grocery list & meal planning tear-outs.

Does the planner have tabs?

Yes, every month has an easily accessible tab.

Can I save if I buy more than 5 planners?

Yes, please email us with your order and we will provide you with all the savings: info@planchicly.com

Will it fit in my purse? Is it compact?

This depends on the size of your purse. The planner itself (without the box) is 8.7x7.7inches. It is compact enough to fit in most purses and is perfect for travel because it is lightweight.

When will this item ship?

If the item is listed as "PRE-ORDER" then whenever it's available. If it's listed as "Add To Cart" then please allow 24-48 hours for all of your items to ship.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, absolutely.

How much is shipping?

Shipping in the USA is $4.99 if you spend under $75. If you spend $75 or more it is free and depending on where you live it will take anywhere from 2-7 days.

International shipping prices vary based on your region and carrier. Depending on the carrier, there may be additional customs fees.

Can I buy now and pay later?

Yes, we offer Afterpay which let's you buy anything ($35 -$1000) now and pay in 4 interest-free payments every two weeks. You can learn more here.