2024 Digital Planner

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Our newly updated  Best Selling Daily Planner is now in a digital format with extra perks! It includes everything our physical planner has- A goals section, Bucket List, Vision Board, Grocery List, Meal Planning, and of course a simple yet effective planning layout- AND it has extras such as a Memory Journal, Trip Planner, Gratitude Journal, Quarterly Planner, and Project Planner. We added some of our best-selling physical products to this planner for a digital on-the-go version. Whether you're a beginner at digital planning or a pro, this minimalistic and easy-to-navigate planner will keep you organized, productive, and efficient! 

✔ Hyperlinked

✔ Realistic Planner Layout

✔ Compatible with all note-taking apps- Goodnotes, Notability, etc.

This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT, no physical product will be shipped to you. An instant download will be emailed to you after checkout. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

1. 2024/2025 Annual Overview- monthly breakdowns
2. 2024 Holidays- a list of all the holidays
3. Goals- dedicated to your top 3 goals of 2024
4. Bucket List- for the places you want to go, the things you want to see, and everything in between
5. Vision Board- personal + professional
6. Contacts + Passwords- keep track of all your contacts + passwords
7. Notes + Thoughts- a section for jotting down notes
8. Monthly Layouts- motivational quote, starts with Monday, to-do checklist, bills checklist
9. Monthly "At A Glance"- A section after every month where you can map out, plan, and prioritize goals, budget, add items to your wishlist, track habits, and take notes. An all-in-one organization layout for all your needs.
10. Weekly Layouts- 2-column horizontal layout with empty circles so you can color code, bullet journal, check-off, etc. Total of 14 checklist slots.
11. Year-End Reflections- a 3-page section where you answer questions so you can always look back and reflect on the year
12. Grocery List- a section for all your shopping needs
13. Meal Planning- weekly layout to plan meals
14. Trip Planner- itinerary for all your travel plans
15. Memory Journal- a section to add a photo and jot down the memory
16. Quarterly Planner- our Quarterly Pad in digital form to thoroughly map out your quarters
17. Project Planner- our Planner Pad in digital form to keep you organized during any project planning process
18. Gratitude Journal- our Gratitude Journal in digital form where you can practice gratitude and journal

1. What month does this Digital Planner start from?
- It starts in January and ends in December. It is a one-year planner.

2. Is everything hyperlinked?
- Just about everything important is hyperlinked. For example the Extra Tabs, Monthly Tabs, Dates in the monthly calendar lead you to the dates in the weekly layout, etc.

3. Is it just like the physical planner?
- Yes, it's the same but formated for a digital version plus you get extra templates.

4. Can I duplicate a page if I want more of a certain page?
- Yes, if you use a note-taking app like GoodNotes you can easily duplicate any page in the planner. You will get a guided tutorial on how to do this when you get our digital download.

5. If I don't like this planner can I get a refund?
- No, there are no refunds on digital products.

6. Is it illegal to distribute or copy this planner?
- Yes, it is 100% illegal.

7. Can I share this with my friends?
- Unfortunately, you cannot buy the planner and share it with friends, we will see it on our end and the download will be blocked automatically.

8. Will this item be shipped to me?
- No, this is a digital item.

9. Will I get this immediately?
-Yes, you will get a direct download within 5 minutes of purchasing this planner. It will be emailed to you with the email you checked out with. If you don't get an email please email us at info@planchicly.com

10. Can I gift this to someone?
- Yes, just input THEIR email at checkout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I didn’t like the digital version. Didn’t get how to actually use it.


I love it

Katrina Garcia
Not a bad try out of the gate, but can use some improvements.

Love the idea of having a digital planner to be able to archive and refer back to. I was impressed that you included a copy of the daily journal, project pad, and quarterly planner. However, you need to copy each journal page and project page for each day you want to utilize. Also, stickers don't really work, at least on a PC. Would also be nice to have an option to go back to where you left off instead of having to scroll through. Altogether though, love the concept and usefulness.


I’ve never loved a digital planner more! I’m absolutely obsessed 🩷🩷🩷
I bought a (knock off lol) Apple pen and it was a GAME CHANGER!! Highly recommend🙌🏻

Reviewer avatar
Channa S.
Love it

I love the digital planner is wonderful. I have everything I need on a go and I don't have so many extra things to carry

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