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Bridal Keepsake Box

$159.20 $199.00

This is the ultimate luxury Bridal Keepsake Box to house all your wedding sentiments including the unique Wedding Planner that brings everything to life. This sturdy box comes with a magnetic top closure and handle drawer where you can keep your vow books, greeting cards, and extra keepsakes from your wedding (garter, invitations, etc.). It is the perfect gift for a newly engaged bride to marry, chicly.


-Wedding Planner
-His/Her Vow Book
-To My Husband + To My Wife spouse Greeting Card + Wax Seals
-(2) To My Mom + (2)To My Dad Greeting Card + Wax Seals

Box: 7.87 x 9.31 x 3.75 inches
Planner: 7.06 x 8.69 inches
Vow Books: 4 x 5 inches
Greeting Cards: 5 x 6 inches

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