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Savor your favorite recipes from family favorites to delightful dishes you cooked up yourself! This luxurious linen-wrapped hardcover book is designed so beautifully that you'd want to leave it out as a coffee table book! With unique chicly features such as removable tabs, up to 65+ category options, and even tear-out recipe gifting cards. This book will feel like your own published cookbook with a section to add in a 4x6 photo, jot down memories, and so much more!

Linen Covered Box- blush colored linen book box that doubles as decor and looks fabulous displayed don shelves
Linen Covered Cover- gorgeous peach colored linen with foiled rose gold detailing & a concealed rose gold spiral
Double-Sided Pocket- laminated to ensure quality throughout the year. One side says "Recipes To Try" and the other side says "Keepsakes"
Divider Tab Stickers- 1 full page of every food category you can think of for the removable divider tabs included inside the recipe book
Table Of Contents- Two pages of contents where you can put the recipe name and corresponding page number
Conversions- a breakdown of conversions for volume, temperature, cutting a recipe in thirds and halves, meat temperatures, weight, pan size, and baking substitutions
Recipe Pages- dedicated section for the recipe name, a 4x6 photo, mini sections for notes/tips/memories, and ample space for ingredients and can list up to 40 recipes and each recipe page is numbered
Recipe Gifting Cards- a double sided notecard that you can tear out and gift to a loved one with your special recipe
Removable Divider Tabs- 8 removable divider tabs so you can have as many recipes per category as you wish

- Recipe Book: 8.5 x 7.4 x 1 inch
- Box: 8.8 x 7.5 x 1.1 inch

1. How many recipes can you write down?
- There are up to 40 recipes you can write down in the book.

2. Does it come with a box?
- Yes, it comes packaged beautifully in a linen keepsake box that can be displayed as a book on your coffee table or your shelf.

3. Is the box writing foiled rose gold?
- No, only the cover.

4. Are the divider tab stickers food categories?
- Yes, there are 65+ categories. You can zoom into the product photo and look at all the categories listed. They are specifically designed to fit the removable divider tabs so you can have neat category sections in your recipe book.

5. Is there enough space in the table of contents for all the recipes?
- Yes, there is 40 slots for all 40 recipes.

6. Does the conversions page include CUP to TBSP conversions?
- Yes, it you zoom in you'll see we have every conversion you'll ever need while cooking.

7. Can we add a photo to the recipe page?
- Yes, there is a designated spot for a 4x6 print photo.

8. Can we write where we got the recipe from?
- Absolutely, we have a dedicated area; "From the kitchen of _______"

9. How many ingredients can we write down?
- We have 21 lines of space where you can jot down your ingredients.

10. Is there enough space for directions?
- Yes, you have ample space to write down directions.

11. Are the recipe pages numbered?
- Yes, all the recipe pages are numbered.

12. Does the recipe book have tabs?
- Yes, we have removable custom tabs so you can place them wherever you'd like. We added in this unique detail because not everyone wants a recipe book with typical categories already on it (i.e. Appetizers, Dinner, Dessert, etc) and a set amount of pages per category (i.e 5 pages only for every category). Instead we wanted to give you the option to not only customize your categories (65+ category options including Air Fry, Keto, Baby Food, Vegan, etc) but also customize the amount of pages you wanted to dedicate to that specific category.

13. How many tabs do we get?
- There are 8 divider tabs you can customize, so essentially you can have up to 8 categories in your recipe book.

14. Will this make a good gift?
- Absolutely, this keepsake recipe book will feature a family's most cherished meals that brings everyone together. It might even be passed down to a loved one. Recipe book are always a great gift idea.

15. When will this item ship?
- If the item is listed as "PRE-ORDER" then whenever it's available. If it's listed as "Add To Cart" then please allow 24-48 hours for all of your items to ship.

16. Do you offer international shipping?
- Yes, absolutely.

17. How much is shipping?
- Shipping in the USA is $4.99 if you spend under $75. If you spend $75 or more it is free and depending on where you live it will take anywhere from 2-7 days.

- International shipping prices vary based on your region and carrier. Depending on the carrier, there may be additional customs fees.

18. Can I buy now and pay later?
- Yes, we offer Afterpay which let's you buy anything ($35 -$1000) now and pay in 4 interest-free payments every two weeks. You can learn more here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Roxanna Barela

Just received this gorgeous recipe keepsake book and its so beautiful! It's everything I was looking for and more! I can't wait to start adding my recipes and photos for my kids to enjoy for many years. 😍🥰😍 I recommend this beautiful recipe diary to every chic woman. Enjoy!

Valeria Simpson
Beautiful Work

Gave my daughters some items for Christmas and they loved them!


Amazing quality fast delivery and was able to track the journey highly recommended

Kristine Chalikyan

I love everything what plan chicly has!!!
The recipe book is amazing very good quality!!! Even one of my friend was excited to get one!!!

Veronica Topachikyan

I love everything plan chicly has. The quality it absolutely amazing.

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