3 Time Management Methods to Boost Your Productivity

Hey Gorgeous! Did you know there's multiple types of time management methods? Here's 3 of our favorite methods to boost your productivity and help you stay organized as you work towards your goals!


The Ivy Lee Method is a 5 step process of writing your tasks and prioritizing them. It's one of the simplest methods yet always looked over. Here at Plan Chicly, we implement this method by using our To-Do List Pad. At the end of our day, we jot down 6 pressing tasks that need to be done the next day so that we're prepared when we walk in!

The Pomodoro Method is another 5 step process to help you reach peak productivity whilst taking breaks to rest. This method is centered around breaks to give you enough time to work efficiently without feeling overwhelmed. Our Founder, Greta Gasparian, swears by this method and uses the Notepad to keep track of her Pomodoro sessions, take breaks, and tick off all her to-do's!

The Time Blocking Method is a 4 step process of blocking out time for individual tasks or groups of tasks. Essentially, color coding all tasks and scheduling breaks so you're always on top of your routine. We use this method with our 2021 Planner by assigning a color to each task that is repeated (i.e. answering emails). This method gives us a look into our weekly routine in a simpler way. 


You can also combine different parts of all three methods and make it work for you. Everyone has their own style of getting things done, click here for a step-by-step guide on each method! Remember to plan confidently, and execute chicly✍🏻💕

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