3 Ways To Use Your Plan Chicly Appointment Book

We launched our best-selling 2021 Appointment Book to keep you organized in-between clients and appointments. This appointment book has so many features such as undated time slots, daily/monthly layouts, annual expenses, and shopping lists for all your clients' needs! I was so excited for this to launch because I haven't seen any other appointment book like this. We listened to all the advice from potential consumers and we incorporated all their needs into this product. So, this appointment book was created by us and potential consumers, as a team!


1. The Hair Stylist: Work gets hectic in a blink of an eye, but to be organized you first have to create that habit. In this appointment book, you can utilize the undated time slots to give you AND your clients more flexibility when scheduling. For instance, if you schedule your client for a haircut at 11:00am and it takes about 35 minutes then you can schedule your next client at 11:45am instead of 12:00pm, since we have untimed slots! Time is money girl, and we're all trying to hustle, get you!

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2. The Make-Up Artist: Oh to be a make-up artist and see all the glitz and glamour of the beautiful women you work with! Imagine having to travel to New York from LA, for a client and you completely forgot that you don't have their right shade. Yes, you can mix shades (as every MUA would advise) but sometimes you want the easy way out and purchasing is much faster than guessing the clients' shade. But don't fret, the appointment book has a shopping list tear-out, your new BFF! As you're in the plane to NY, scribble down all your needs from the foundation shade of your client to a cute lipstick you saw on the stewardess. Tear that shopping list out and go to the nearest Sephora, problem solved.


shopping list for clients and customers in best selling 2021 appointment book



3. The Consultant: One of the fun parts of a consultants job was meeting the client face-to-face. Unfortunately due to these unprecedented times, consultants are restricted from doing so. However, through this appointment book you can still schedule your Zoom meetings with your clients and the best part: organize your annual expenses. This section was made to help you keep track of your annual expenses and we included a section for each month; how much income you made per month, your expenses, and other incidentals. It gives you a look on your peaks and lows for the year, making it easier for you to budget for the next prosperous year! 

2021 appointment book with annual expenses, income, and budgeting for each month


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