Tiffani Beaston x Plan Chicly 2.0- The Final Collection

It's official! We have another collaboration collection with the amazing Tiffani Beaston. This will be the last collection we ever design together so trust us when we say YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT!

Launching end of November 2021.

Last year's collaboration was such a success, with items selling out within days, that we decided to do round two. We feel awful that hundreds of people missed the opportunity to shop the collection so, we wanted to bring it back with new and exclusive designs you won't find anywhere else.

This keepsake collection is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grab your favorite YouTuber's hand-designed collection of organizational products.

Last year Tiffani birthed a collection and baby Everli on launch day! Who remembers? It was so symbolic and meaningful to both of us in so many ways. It takes about 9 months (if not longer) to launch a product and the same amount of time to create a miracle in the mother's womb. As two busy moms, we have been hard at work perfecting this collection to bring you something chic & unique. With quality products, you'll keep close to your desk and use daily.

If you are new to Plan Chicly and want to be notified about the launch click here.

If you are already an SMS subscriber and want to be notified about the launch just text TBXPC to (1)833-243-7210.

This year's collection will include:
2022 Planner  $45
Get It All Done NotePad  $12.99
Keepsake Recipe Book  $50

Entire Collection $101

Launching End Of November 2021

In the meantime you can shop our Best-Sellers here.


Oh I hope I don’t miss out on it this year, any date yet for November so I can keep refreshing lol. And do you ship to Canada?

Lydia Schmutz November 10, 2021

Do you ship to the UK?

Natasha November 10, 2021

I am from the Netherlands.Do you alsof ship to the Netherlands?
I’m interested in the pink bundel of 2022,I want the whole pakkage.It’s amazing!!
What are the cost for sending to the Netherlands?

With love,

Lopje November 10, 2021

Shipping to Israel?

Adi September 26, 2021

Hi there!

Do you ship to Canada?

Nahid September 25, 2021

Do you ship to Canada? These products are gorgeous!!!

Ashley House September 24, 2021

Do you send it to SA as well??? I totally love your planner

Estelle Pool September 24, 2021

Does the recipe include any recipes?

Cheyenne September 24, 2021

Will you be shipping to Australia

Cheryl September 23, 2021

So excited! Can you please show the inside of the planner?? Thanks!

Candy Kramarz September 23, 2021

can we see the inside of the planner?

Jill Conley September 23, 2021

Hi,congratulations on this venture.
Please let me know if you will be shipping to South Africa?

Sandy September 23, 2021

I Need One

Johannys September 23, 2021

Any chance you’ll be shipping to Australia? I seriously NEED that recipe book!

Natasha September 23, 2021

When can we order

Wendy Kurtz September 23, 2021

Good Day

I am from South Africa can I order and how mu cheap would shipping be

Laverne Rosaline Webber September 23, 2021

hello I’m Italian! would you ship it to me in my country? you and your family are great!!!! 😍

Ramona September 23, 2021

there is a delivery to Israel ? If so what is the shipping cost?

Eti Malka September 23, 2021

Hi there! Hey! What does the inside of the planner look like??

Sami September 23, 2021

Is there an appointment book coming out this year?

SHELBY TUCKER September 23, 2021

does the recipe book include any recipes. ?

mckenna longley September 23, 2021

Do you delivered to barbados if yes, how much for delivery?

Razan September 23, 2021

Hi can we Americans who lives in Sweden order?

// Marielle

Marielle Sandoval September 23, 2021

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