3 Self-Care Tips for a Happier Life

Are you lost in your journey to self-love? Developing a self-care routine can help undo a stressful week, reduce anxiety, and increase positivity! Below are 3 simple steps to prioritize and invest in yourself.

1. Go outside! Since the pandemic, working from home has been the way of life for many people. But, how often does your body get vitamin D? Take a 10 minute walk around the block or go for a nature walk. According to science, being outdoors improves your mental and physical health. Get out and get some sun!

2. Get a serotonin boost! Serotonin is the hormone that impacts your entire body, stabilizes your mood, and boosts your happiness. Low levels of this hormone leads to depression and anxiety. The best way to keep your serotonin up is through gratitude journaling. Research shows that practicing gratitude promotes self-awareness, mindfulness, improves your mood and overall wellbeing.

3. Surround yourself with aromatherapyEssential oils are a simple way for you to destress and practice self-care. Aromatherapy has many benefits other than smelling nice. Specific scents can help in specific ways. For instance, lavender has been proven to improve concentration and cognitive function and rosemary eases anxiety. Candles are also a great alternative and some are even mixed with essential oils! 

We hope this 3 step routine helps you learn more about yourself and take a moment to just breathe. Follow us on Instagram (@PlanChicly) for more self-care tips and let us know how you liked this routine! Comment below if you have any questions.

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